High Quality rest glasses with blue light block and anti-glare filter . Its technology blocks the LED light emitted by electronic devices, preventing short and long-term eye conditions such as visual fatigue or gradual loss of vision. In addition, its physical qualities provide adaptability to any face size and comfort to carry out all kinds of activities in front of the screens.


  • FRAME MATERIAL: Cellulose acetate, made from natural cotton and wood fibers.
  • LENSES: Lenses with Blue light block filter and anti-glare, easy to clean, anti-scratch and hydrophobic.
  • FLEXIBLE HINGES: They adjust to the size of your head.
  • COLOR: Navy blue.


Improve your well-being and your rest. Eliminate eye strain, headaches, or tired-looking eyes due to exposure to digital screens.

Your purchase contributes to the protection of our ecosystems.

Our glasses for screens are guaranteed for 12 months. If you notice defects in the product that are not due to accidental breakage or improper maintenance and / or use, you can request brand new ones.